As far as investments go, you cannot go wrong infusing money into your home. The rule of thumb used to be 10% of your home’s value should go into landscaping your backyard for maximum return. Over the last two years, space at home has become more valuable than ever, and investing in family space is now worth every cent! 

Backyard projects range in complexity and budget, but the consensus seems to be, to maximize the space you have for ultimate enjoyment!

Take a quick look at what’s trending for ultimate backyard enjoyment. 

Top 5 Backyard Trends We See This Year

Outdoor Living Structures – Bringing The Indoors, Out

The 2021 work-from-home mandate has shifted the working landscape for 2022. As companies offer up more flexible work weeks to keep employees, that means more home office time. As many scramble to find more space at home, the number one trend we see is to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor space. 

The “porch” has graduated to pergolas, pavilions and cabanas. Covered spaces have become a big ask. In an effort to reduce cabin fever, and break up the scenery, clients are looking to get outside with their laptops, or even convert sheds and garages into home offices. This additional sq footage is a bonus when it’s poolside!

4-Season Living Spaces

While we’re on the subject of outdoor living, a second emerging backyard trend in 2022 is to make these outdoor living spaces 3-4 seasons with a few additions.

Cabana privacy screens have become a popular request for Timber Craft,  our carpentry division. These screens are available in different thicknesses and materials and are retractable with the touch of a button. In the summer months, they are great for blocking wind, keeping pesky mosquitoes out, or blocking some unwanted light across your computer screen. In the off-season, they can help retain some heat, and keep blowing snow out. 

Combine privacy screens with a heat source, and you’ve extended your season even further. Fire can be as extensive as a full outdoor fireplace with wood or gas inserts, or as simple as a fire table with Muskoka chairs, or a built-in bench. 

Urban Pools – smaller pool trends

Smaller Urban pools are making up about 20% of our inground builds this coming year. 

Homeowners with small yards are no longer left out of the inground pool conversation, with many opting to add a pool under 400 sq ft. 

Municipal by-laws require setbacks, often eating up some anticipated swimming space. By choosing a smaller pool, you can still have all the elements of a dream backyard, just on a smaller scale. 

The trend in smaller pools also has more homeowners opting for “sport profile” bottoms. This means that the bottom of the pool doesn’t have a traditional shallow end, slope, and deep end. Instead, a sports profile works in a V, dipping to a maximum depth of approximately 5’6” in the middle. 

Swim Jets are also becoming more common in the smaller pools. This high-powered turbojet on one end of the pool can transform a small pool, into a lap pool with no added sq footage!

Vinyl over steel 

The last prevalent trend we feel is worth mentioning is vinyl over steel steps and benches. This includes steps and benches inside the pool that are coved in vinyl, making visually seamless enter points… While fibreglass steps are still going strong, the trend is to opt for vinyl over steel. The main benefit is the seamless appearance. 

Lighting Extraordinaire 

Lighting up the outdoors to be enjoyed well past sundown is another great way to make more out of your space, and a big trend rolling into 2022.  

Pool lighting has been popular for quite some time, but we’re seeing more and more landscape lighting accentuating trees, outdoor structures, patios, and gardens. 

We’ve seen a surge in clients setting up TVs outside, for movie nights, game viewing, or binge watching. Whether dining alfresco with friends or family or setting up a gaming area with giant Janga, accent lighting will help define a space. With outdoor entertaining so prevalent right now, keep everyone safe with path lighting,  highlighting steps and any elevation changes.

If pool lighting was something you invested in years ago, be sure to upgrade to LED lighting for an energy-efficient solution for your home. 

36” Natural Stone Slabs

Landscaping stone is one of the most popular updates we see to dated backyard spaces. 

While interlock has come a long way and is still commonly used for pathways and driveways, larger stone slabs are all the rage. Grey or greige colour schemes are everywhere, and the larger the tile, the better. Many clients choose a neutral palette, preferring a more timeless look, while some like stark contrast with very light pavers, and dark pool coping. 

The large paver laid on a 45-degree angle, with 4-6 inches in between continues to be a big ask into 2022.  

If natural stone slabs aren’t in the budget, consider pattern concrete. It has evolved, capable of mimicking the look of large pavers, without the price tag. 

Pool Craft Tips & Takeaways

Timeless Elegance Never Goes out of Style

Some design trends are able to date your project. If longevity is what your after, stick to a neutral palette.

Stick to a budget

It’s easy to get carried away when planning, so be sure to list your priorities, determine a budget you can afford and stick to it.