Water Features

Add some refreshing life and movement to your swimming pool with water features, available for installation through the team at Pool Craft.

Choose from a variety of impressive water feature designs to find the perfect fit for your tranquil backyard pool. From waterfalls to water slides, there are plenty of options to increase the appeal and usability of your swimming pool.

Browse below to see a collection of water features we have installed in the past, and contact us today for more information.

Water Falls

Add some life and liveliness to your swimming pool with a water fall! Studies show that the sound of running water helps us relax. Besides, a water fall will be a new and exciting feature that makes your pool look its best!

Sheer Descents

Enjoy the subtle elegance and class of a sheer descent water feature in your backyard swimming pool! Choose from a variety of styles to find one that gives a luxurious upgrade to your pool and patio area.

Deck and Laminar Jets

Add a unique experience to your swimming pool with deck and laminar jets. These incredible water features are installed flush with your deck and shoot water steams high into the air in a smooth stream. LED lights bring this incredible experience to life at night with colour and life.

Water Slides

The classic favourite! Kids and adults alike will love the thrill of racing down your water slide and landing with a splash in the pool. Browse through a wide selection of colours and styles to find the slide that will add hours of entertainment to your backyard pool.