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Pool Equipment

Replace your traditional pump with variable speed technology and start saving NOW

Intelliflo VS

  • With the Pentair Intelliflo VS pool pump pool owners can save up to 90% per season on the cost of energy compared to conventional single speed pumps.
  • Ultra-quiet totally enclosed fan cool motor (TEFC)
  • Trade grade (not available on line)
  • Ideal pump to run for Pentair pool automation with the capability of running 2 bodies of water on the same system.

Superflo VS

  • With the Pentair Superflo VS pool pump pool owners can save up to 80% per season on the cost of energy compared to conventional single speed pumps.
  • No expensive re-wiring needed. The Superflo VS pump automatically recognizes and adapts to your 115 or 230 volt power.
  • Ultra-quiet totally enclosed fan cool motor (TEFC)
  • 24 hour built in clock with 3 programable speeds gives the freedom and capability of running virtually all pool systems.

Superflo 1hp TEFC (NEW)

  • Ultra-quiet totally enclosed fan cool motor (TEFC)
  • Dual voltage pump. Can run off 115 or 230 volt power. (Must be wired accordingly at time of installation.)
What does TEFC stand for?

TEFC stands for Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled. Conventional single speed pool pumps do not have TEFC motors and run very hot and do allow moisture inside the pump. Two things that kill pool motors are heat and moisture. With a TEFC motor the pool pump runs cool and does not allow moisture inside the pump which will translate in to double the life span in comparison to a conventional 1hp pool pump.

Pentair SD70/80 Sand Filter

  • So clean. So clear. So easy.
  • The perfect high performance sand filter.
  • Simple to operate and maintain.
  • High efficiency design allows crystal clean water year after year.
  • Perfect for pools in heavily forested areas.

Pentair Clean and Clear Cartridge Filter

  • Provides top-end filter performance with low maintenance
  • Filters particles as small as 20 microns(average grain of beach sand is 100 microns)
  • No backwashing required saving every pool owner money each season for not having to backwash salt, chemicals and heated water as done with traditional sand filters.
  • Ideal for pools in backyards with limited to no trees.

Pentair Mastertemp Heaters

  • When you want the soothing experience of warm water, with design features that bring you low operating costs, easy operation, and a long dependable service life the Pentair Mastertemp heater is the way to go.
  • Certified for low NOx emissions that out performs and exceeds industry standards.
  • Quiet operation and built in safety features make the Mastertemp heater a must have for all pool heating needs.

Intellichlor Salt Chlorine Generator

  • For clean, pure, silky pool water choose the Intellichlor
  • Easy operation with intelligent design available in multiple sizes and comes automation ready
  • Electrolytic chlorination is the most convenient way to keep your pool clean with the benefit of giving the pool water a smooth silky feeling ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

Pentair Automation

  • The ultimate convenience in Poolside Control, Right at your fingertips
  • Schedules and controls operations of all pool and spa equipment as well as related poolscape accessories
  • Comes with a variety of optional, simple to use remotes (wired and wireless) as well as the capability to control pool functions remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

UV Systems

  • Neutralizes 99.9% of bacteria with up to 50% less chlorine
  • Ideal for pool owners in the city of Toronto or other municipalities with water discharge bi-laws and fines for discharging salt water into storm sewers.
  • Uses same technology as water treatment plants for sanitizing drinking/tap water

Industry Recognition Matters to Us

Pool Craft is the proud recipient of multiple annual awards from various councils and memberships in the industry, including The Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada, Landscape Ontario, and APSP.

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