Pool Renovations

Looking for a way to make better use of your existing pool and patio area?

A pool or backyard renovation can take on many different looks and budgets.

Homeowners needs have changed over time. Unfortunately, some pools built in the 1980’s or 1990’s are simply too large for the backyard and there isn’t adequate patio space or entertaining areas. As a result, many pool owners take the opportunity to completely overhaul their backyard, including all the amenities from outdoor living space, entertaining area, fire pits, and an up-to-date swimming pool with the latest equipment.

Whether you are looking to upgrade existing pool equipment, add a water feature, replace your liner or completely upgrade and remodel your backyard, Pool Craft is available for all your needs.

  • Equipment upgrades
  • Replacement of all types of stairs, coping, decks and patios
  • Add water features or a spill over-spa to existing pool
  • Add pool and garden lighting
  • Upgrade with automation and salt systems
  • Liner replacements


Once you decide how to freshen up the look of the surrounding pool area, it's time to pick your liner. When doing renovations around the pool, you will start to notice how much your old, dull liner stands out and you will want to consider replacing it with a fresh new look to match your new patio! Pool Craft offers a wide range of liner patterns and has exclusive designs you won’t see anywhere else!


Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions.

You should always agree on a detailed budget and estimated timeline before you sign a contract with a professional pool builder. Obviously, unforeseen factors can alter the schedule and sometimes impact the budget. For example, weather, customer change requests, permit delays, etc. can all affect the project, but a good builder will communicate and coordinate with you throughout the project to ensure successful pool construction and complete customer satisfaction.

Just like choosing a paint color for a room in your home, making a choice of liner pattern for your pool is a very personal choice. Many patterns are available to suit your decorative preferences. Ask yourself: what are the colors surrounding my pool? The colors of the coping, deck, house, and patio furniture are important considerations in selecting a pattern that ties into your backyard decor. Ultimately, selecting the 'best pattern' is part of the fun of owning a vinyl liner pool, so enjoy the opportunity to design your pool to your personal taste.

Depending on the size of your pool, filtration equipment, and heating requirements, your energy driven equipment may operate up to 12 hours per day to properly circulate your water for effective filtration. A small increase in efficiency can yield larger savings later; therefore, the right pool equipment is essential to your power bill. Whether you're building a new pool or replacing existing equipment, your equipment selection can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Industry Recognition Matters to Us

Pool Craft is the proud recipient of multiple annual awards from various councils and memberships in the industry, including The Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada, Landscape Ontario, and APSP.

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