Spring has sprung and that means pool season is right around the corner. Proper spring pool maintenance will save time and money throughout the season. We have compiled some great spring tips to make your pool opening run smoothly.

Start Early

Once the snow starts melting and warmer days become more common it’s time to open your pool. You might think it’s too early to swim but it’s the perfect time to open your pool. 

Algae will start to grow at 60°F which is around 15°C. To keep spring pool maintenance easy you need to start opening your pool before the temperature reaches 60°F in your pool. The chemicals you used to close your pool have worn off by the spring giving algae the perfect chance to grow. Getting started early will save you the extra time and money needed to eliminate algae growth and prevent a green pool.

Take Inventory

Before opening your pool you need to make sure you have all the necessary equipment including your return fittings, skimmer basket, chlorinators and cartridges. You will need maintenance supplies like a deep leaf rake, a wall brush, and a garden hose. To make things easy for your pool opening we recommend storing these together indoors over the winter for easy access in the spring. 

Once you have your equipment ready, you need to make sure you have all the necessary chemicals. Shock, algaecide and metal remover are all needed for opening. You can purchase a Pool Opening Kit from Pool Craft that contains all the necessary chemicals to open your pool. 

Now is also a good time to inspect your filter cartridges. Cartridges typically last 3-4 seasons. If the cloth appears loose, the cartridge is damaged, or if you notice a reduced water flow, your cartridge is clogged and should be replaced. It’s a good idea to have a spare set of cartridges for openings, or algae issues, so keep your old cartridges on hand for these times.

Remove Your Pool Cover

Before you begin removing the cover you need to remove any water or debris that has collected on top. This may seem like unnecessary work because you will also clean your pool, however, any chance to prevent extra debris from getting in your pool is worth it. Leaves, and debris all promote algae growth. For covers with lots of water and debris on top use a deep leaf skimmer to remove any debris and a submersible pump or siphon using your vacuum hose to get rid of top water. This water is untreated and can be deposited into the city sewer system.

To keep your cover in pristine condition you should do a thorough cleaning before storing it. Use a wall brush for scrubbing the sides or top of safety covers.  We also recommend cleaning the cover using a 1-litre bottle of cover cleaner. Safety covers come with a mesh bag for storage,  For all other covers, consider using a plastic container with a lid. When it comes time to close your pool for the season your cover will be ready to use!

Fill Your Pool BEFORE Start-Up

Your water level needs to be halfway up the skimmer before you start up your system. While your pool is filling you can start the cleaning process. You’ll want to brush down the liner with your pool brush and remove any leaves or debris, remove all plugs including those in water features, and gizmos from the skimmer, and re-install your return fittings, skimmer basket, chlorinator and cartridges.

Equipment Start-Up

Once your pool is full, recirculation assembled, chlorinator connected and debris removed you can move onto equipment start-up. If you didn’t lubricate your o’rings upon closing, now is a good time to do that. You can now prime the pump and start up your equipment. 

*Pool Heaters – Legally only a licensed gas fitter or the homeowner are allowed to turn the gas on to the pool heater. Most heaters have an electronic ignition and are very easy to start on yourself. Pool Owners are covered under their homeowners insurance to start their own heaters. Pool Craft does recommend that pool heaters get a full cleaning by a licensed gas professional every 2 to 3 years similar to what you would do for your indoor furnace. This way will run more efficiently. Heater cleanings should not be done by homeowners and should be done by a licensed professional. 

Check For Leaks

Since your pool has been dormant during the winter, it’s important to check for any potential problems before getting into the heart of pool season. Finding a problem early can prevent large repairs or replacement costs later on. 
If you find a problem, contact Pool Craft, your pool experts for a reliable fix.

Add Your Opening Chemicals

The three most important chemicals you need to add upon opening shock to rid the water of organic matter, algaecide to kill existing algae spores and prevent new algae from forming and stain and scale preventer (a sequestering agent) to protect your pool surface and equipment from staining and scaling. We recommend Cop-Out for all our openings. 
If you are starting with a green pool or a pool with algae growth it’s time to bring in an expert to help get your pool back to a healthy state.

Test Your Water Chemistry

Once you’ve added your chemicals, let your pool water circulate for 24-48 hours and then bring your water in for testing. Our lab will test your water chemistry to make sure it’s safe for swimming and for your equipment. 

Improper water chemistry does more than irritate your eyes, it can also damage your pool lining, and your pool equipment or even void the warranty on your pool equipment. Chemicals you’ll want to have on hand for the season include Shock, PH up and down, stabilizers, enzyme or phosphate remover and algaecide.

Hire a Maintenance Service

Opening your pool can be a big job and you want to do it right the first time. If opening your pool is not something you want to manage yourself, at Pool Craft, our spring pool opening service is available to help you get your pool crystal clear and ready for use.

Keep Up The Hard Work

You might not be ready to dip into your pool in the early spring, but you still need to keep up with maintenance so your pool is ready to use. Pools require weekly and monthly maintenance to clean out debris, check chemical levels, and check that your equipment is working properly. If you are too busy to keep up with pool maintenance, Pool Craft offers a weekly pool maintenance service to help you keep your pool ready for use throughout the season. 

Spring is here and pool season is just around the corner. To request a quote for pool opening services or pool maintenance services contact us today!