If you are a homeowner with a small backyard, it might seem impossible to have your own pool and patio. With the property boundaries tight on either side it can be hard to imagine a luxurious water splashing against elegant stonework. After all, backyard swimming pools tend to demand a lot of space.

Fortunately, you can have some expert pool designers working on your behalf! When you get a custom swimming pool, the pool contractor will be able to assess your yard and design accordingly. With a full plan in place, they can make use of every available inch so that you get the most out of your investment.

So before you accept the fate of a dry and dull backyard, take a look at these small backyard pools built by Pool Craft that prove that you don’t need lots of room to have an incredible swimming pool.


An incredible backyard pool and patio, designed to fit in this small space An evening shot of an incredible small backyard pool

This small swimming pool fits like a glove into this property. Precise landscaping and stonework makes this backyard a sight to behold – and creative landscape lighting really makes everything come to life in the evening!


A cleverly designed and built backyard pool and patio A backyard pool and patio, created by Pool Craft

This rectangle pool gives new life to this backyard! Paired with a relaxing patio and outdoor fireplace, it sets the perfect ambience for this small property.


This small backyard pool and spa design makes the most of the available space! This small and practical pool fits nearly into this backyard

Talk about making the most of the space you’re given! Despite its size, this incredible backyard needs two photos to show off its best features, which include a patio, an outdoor kitchen, a hot tub for relaxation and, to top it off, a beautiful swimming pool with cascading water features. You’d never guess from the front yard how much value the homeowner got out of their space!


An amazing pool and patio built into a small backyard

In a residential neighbourhood? No problem! This exceptional pool fits neatly into the backyard of this suburban home. The landscaping and patio help make this pool a natural fit.

If you are interested in transforming your small backyard into a fantastic pool and patio area, contact Pool Craft for a quick conversation about what we can do for you!