Following a season of uncertainty the past few summers, it’s no surprise more and more people are investing in their homes and backyards for summers ahead. 

From offices to new kitchen layouts to installations of luxurious pools, there’s never been a smarter time to create your dream space right on your own property.

Discover the top five reasons a backyard pool will help to promote health and happiness within your family:

Provide Hope With a Pool

Imagine turning off your work laptop today and sitting your family down for some big news… you’ve bought a pool! 

We’re sure you can imagine the huge smiles and hugs that would come your way. 

As we face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is hope to be found in planning healthy and fun activities and opportunities for your family at home. 

We’re here to help make next summer your best summer yet. 

Keep Kids Busy During Lockdown

Summer 2020 was hard on families. Public pools were shut, camps weren’t allowed to open, and travel was restricted.

Now, with a brand new summer around the corner, it’s no wonder people are nervous and unsure what kind of season lays ahead. 

So, while times are tough with homeschooling right now, the summer offers new challenges for parents. What will your kids do all day while school is out?

By investing in a backyard pool, families can unlock full days of fun and entertainment while also encouraging their kids to stay active and leave their digital devices behind. 

“The pool gives us so much more flexibility in what the kids can and can’t do.”Tory Crowder

Boost Wellbeing Through Water Therapy

For many people, nothing is as relaxing, comforting, or blissful than taking an early morning, mid day, or nighttime leisurely soak or swim. 

Not only is it freeing to float and glide, but pools also offer some incredible health benefits that will keep your mental and physical health in check.  

“I would say that the psychological and physical benefits of having water as therapy is a good way to cope with all the uncertainty.” –  Jennifer Gannon

Create a Backyard Oasis 

Still upset about that vacation you had to cancel? We don’t blame you. 

With rental cottages booking up and beaches closing down last summer, it became really tricky to get some relaxation time in the water. 

As a result, people want pools and spas right on their own properties, and we’re here to help.

Increase Your Home’s Value With a Pool

According to reports, while buying a pool has typically not been viewed as the optimal renovation investment, COVID has changed that.

Marsha Brandes, a ReMax Realtor in Hamilton explained that buyers have indicated they want more space and backyards they can enjoy, especially if they’re going to be stuck again.

“Homes with pools don’t stay on the market long and are fetching big premiums.” – Marsha Brandes