At Pool Craft, we believe that spillover spas are the perfect embodiment of relaxation, especially during particularly stressful times, such as during this pandemic.

With a custom, beautifully designed and built spillover spa, you can recharge in ways you’ve been dreaming of. So, why wait? It’s time to ease your mind and find some peace in your backyard.

Discover the top seven reasons you should consider adding a spillover spa to your upcoming pool project today:

Good Circulation

Heat increases circulation in the body by dilating blood vessels. That means your spill over spa is not only warm and cozy, it’s also great for your overall health and blood flow.

Float Therapy

Taking a nice float in a pool, followed by a dip in your spillover spa can feel freeing and deeply relaxing. Buoyancy can also help to take weight off of muscles and joints, allowing your body to take a break and just be.

Muscle Tension Relief

Do you suffer from sore or tense muscles? Jets can help to massage and soothe your body, allowing you to release some pain in your back, neck, and limbs.

Better Sleep

A soak in your spillover spa before you go to bed at night can help you to unwind and relax. Grab yourself a nice, cold drink, ease your body in the warm water, and de-stress before climbing into your sheets. You deserve it!

Connecting With Yourself or Loved Ones

Spillover spas come in many different sizes, allowing for a solo soaking experience, or for you to connect with your partner or loved ones in an enjoyable, intimate setting. Gather in your spa and let the conversation flow.

Embracing Nature

Spending time outside is crucial to easing worries and soaking up the beauty of nature. Stay warm while stargazing or enjoy a calming, hot soak during a chillier day where you don’t want to be in the pool.

Focusing On Wellbeing

Focusing on your wellness is so important, especially in today’s climate. By investing in a spillover spa, you’re investing in your personal health and wellbeing.

You matter, and your peace of mind matters. Call us to learn more about upgrading your pool to include a spillover spa today.