You’re taking a casual dip in your pool, diving in and enjoying the cool, refreshing water. Then you see it .. looming in front of you, lit clearly by the sunlight filtering through the water.

A stain – large, brown and unsightly; the terror of the deep, blemishing your pristine, crystal clear pool.

How do pool liners get stains?

There are a number of different materials that can cause vinyl liner stains if they are left in the water for a period of time: toys that sink to the bottom, leaves and other debris from trees, metallic items that were dropped or kicked in by accident, etc.

The best way to avoid having to spend the time and effort to clean your pool liner is to prevent the stain in the first place. Be diligent in skimming your pool for leaves and needles on a daily basis, and take the time to check the water for any toys or materials that may have dropped in after each swim.

How to remove vinyl pool liner stains

Scrub the liner with a soft, nylon pool brush on a regular basis. For best results, make this part of your weekly routine. Vinyl liners can rip, so you’ll want to make sure that you use a brush that is compatible and that you don’t use excessive force.

For simple stains, apply a mild cleanser directly to the liner and then scrub it with your pool brush or a soft cloth. You can pick up various speciality cleaners from your local pool store.

For those extra difficult stains, the plan of attack depends on the type of stain. For metal stains (caused by something with metal being left in the pool or brushing against the vinyl liner for too long), ask your local pool store for ascorbic acid.

The best solution? Prevention!

A regular maintenance schedule can help ensure that you can spend your summer hours swimming in your pool instead of scrubbing it down. Check the pool on a daily basis and scoop up any debris or toys that may have been left in the pool.

If you do find that a stain is beginning to form, make time to scrub it away before it has a chance to get comfortable. Being slow to respond to stains could turn a minute long job into an hour of scrubbing.

For any extra questions about how to keep your vinyl pool liner clean, or to ask the experts to help with some stubborn stains that your pool has acquired, simply pick up the phone and get in touch with Pool Craft. We can give you the advice you need – or we can send our team out to make your pool squeaky clean!