The sun is setting on pool season and we are quickly turning from T-shirt weather to sweater weather.

As we move into fall, there are several things to note about your pool and patio when the temperature drops at night.

Does your pump have freeze protection? Is debris clogging your system? Are you using your outdoor space, or just not ready to look at the cover yet?

We have some tips for you to make the most of your backyard, should you plan on enjoying it into the fall this year… 

Take Full Advantage of Garden & Pool Lighting 

The sun is setting earlier these days, and we’re losing those amazing alfresco evenings poolside. However,  with outdoor entertaining still in full swing there’s no better time to take full advantage of your outdoor landscaping and pool lights

Adding outdoor lighting to your space can dramatically change how you use it this fall! Landscape lighting added to gardens, rocks, or trees can bring a warm glow to outdoor areas. It’s also a great way to direct the flow of traffic and ensure guests are aware of their surroundings at all times. 

If you don’t already have lights installed, try supplementing with string lights. They are on trend and versatile, lighting up a conversational space, a dining table, or even a dance floor!

If you’re looking ahead to next year’s pool season, our integrated LED lighting systems can be installed in and around your pool, the water features, and your deck and sitting areas. 

So, while it might be too cool for a swim, you can set a warm mood outside by simply turning on your ambient lighting. 

Add a Fire Table, Outdoor Fireplace, or Heat Lamps

Sport venues and restaurants are open for business these days, but not everyone’s comfort level is there yet. If you’re enjoying evenings outside with a group of friends, consider adding a fire table or heat lamps to your space to take the chill out of the air. 

TIP: Add some outdoor blankets for guests when the sun goes down. You can get some great fleece blankets from IKEA for $6 for a nice cozy touch.

A set up like this can last you throughout the winter! Outdoor entertaining is on trend and appeals to the masses.

We are Canadian after all! 

If this space is a hit in your yard, consider integrating a fireplace or fire table into your landscaping plan for 2022.

Keeping the Pool Open As Long As Possible?

Check out our TECH TIPS:

Invest in automation

If you want to keep your pool open well into the fall, freezing is a possibility. Pool automation has a program called FREEZE PROTECTION . 

Freeze protection is activated when the air temperature drops to 36°F . The system cycles through all circuits that have been assigned freeze protection, and runs the circuits to stop the pipes from freezing . When in freeze protection mode this will override all other programming and will not allow you to turn equipment on or off.

Freeze protection is an important feature in protecting your pool from freezing and causing damage . 

A NOTE from our crew: 

Heater Operation During Freeze Protection: The heater will not activate during a Freeze Protection period unless it is manually turned on.    

* If you have been pushing buttons on the panel (happens all the time) , it is a good idea to press the ” RESET ” button. This will reboot the system back to normal scheduling.

Heating Your Pool

A properly sized heater will ​​heat up one degree an hour when the temp is above 20 degrees celsius. When temperatures drop below 20 degrees, it’s double that. One degree every two hours. Keep this in mind when heating your pool during the fall.

If the forecast is calling for a few nice days and you want to take advantage of them, leave enough time to get the water temperature up.

Winterize Water Features

Every pool is unique and depending on your set up, you should consider winterizing all of your water features if they aren’t automated. This includes parts like your sheer descents, deck jets, and pressure-side cleaners. ​​If the plumbing lines aren’t in use, and then freeze, you could be looking at a costly repair in the spring. 

Most new pools have a valve for water features, allowing the lines to be separated, and closed off, even when you keep the rest of the pool open. 

Stay on top of leaves entering your pools circulation system

We all know what fall means here in Ontario… the leaves and debris are coming for your pool. With that comes potential pH issues, filter blocking, and more. 

To prepare for the season ahead, we encourage you to stay on top of pool maintenance by cleaning out your skimmer and pump basket regularly, ridding your filter of any leaves or debris. Depending on your surroundings, this could be a daily task. Falling behind on this can block your circulation and cause your pump to burn out. 

When the time comes and you’re ready to close your pool remember:

When you are finally ready to close up your pool for the winter, make sure you:

  1. Balance your water first. Unbalanced water left for the long winter ahead can damage your liner and make your opening a painful experience. 
  2. Clean your cartridges before storing them for the season. A good soak in a cartridge cleaning solution will get them ready for storage. We offer a cartridge cleaning and storage service if you’re not up for tackling this task on your own.
  3. Clean and descale your salt cell. Salt build-up over the season also needs to be soaked and removed to prolong the life of your cell and achieve maximum performance. Pool Craft also offers a salt-cell cleaning and storage service.
  4. Hopefully you have ordered your covers by now if your pool is new or your cover is in need of repairs. Supply issues and increased demand has caused manufacturer delays, at least 4 weeks longer than a typical pool season. 

Contact Pool Craft 

​If you have any questions or concerns about keeping your pool open this fall, call us. We book closings into November, sometimes it’s just too hard to say goodbye!

Once your pool is put to bed, remember that it’s not maintenance free over the winter.

Pool Craft also offers a winter check service where we come and ensure your water levels are safe, and the cover is free from any harmful debris, the anchors haven’t been compromised and your overall pool area is safe and secure.