When you choose to work with Pool Craft on your inground pool installation, we are there from start to finish, taking care of all the details along the way. 

Our service includes designing projects, obtaining permits, ordering materials, supervising construction and landscaping, and plumbing the equipment to make sure everything is ready for your first swim. 

Unsure of what’s involved in each step of creating your dream inground pool oasis? 

Discover all you need to know about your inground pool installation below:

Getting Started On Your Pool Installation 

Before we ever break ground, we complete a thorough client consultation that equips our designers to create the ultimate blueprint for your custom pool construction.

By visiting your site, we take all measurements and determine how we can best optimize your outdoor living space. 

We then present our quote and review any final details with you and your family. Once approved, we obtain all the necessary permits on your behalf.

Finally, we talk about material selection, ensuring the finishing touches will be exactly what you envision. 

Flatten The Land 

Once permits have been approved and materials/profiles are selected, we are now ready to start the build/construction process. 

After decades in the business, we are confident that we will show you the best way to turn your backyard into your dream outdoor living space.

Pool Installation Begins 

Once the land surrounding your future inground pool site is flattened, the installation process can begin. 

The first step is to layout the backyard and confirm that there are no last-minute changes to the design or material selection.

The second step is the pool dig and pool construction.

Pool Plumbing & Framing

Typically the framing and plumbing are installed before anything else. 

At Pool Craft, we only use the highest quality materials during our construction process.

Our pools are plumbed and built to exceed industry standards and customer needs. 

Pool Shell Is Poured

Next, it’s time to pour any concrete that is needed for a concrete shell. 

Pool Pumps & Filtration 

Once everything is dried and cured, the filtration equipment and pumps are brought in and fitted to your unique pool blueprint. 

Patios & Landscaping

Once the structure of your pool is in great shape, Pool Craft can begin installing the other features of your backyard renovation, including a Stone Craft patio, decks, stunning landscaping, custom woodworking, garden lighting, and so much more. 

Our experts will place the features of the yard so that your space is best utilized by combining the style of your home with the outdoor space. 

This will set the feel and overall mood so that any time of day, Pool Craft’s superb landscaping features will give your backyard the “wow” factor.

Pool Inspection 

Prior to the installation of the liner, Pool Craft will arrange for final inspection with the municipality. 

This ensures that everything is to code and you won’t run into any issues further down the road.

Lining Your Pool

After the concrete floor is poured and the inspection is complete, it’s time to put down the liner! 

The pool liner you selected during the materials selection process will be fitted to perfection. 

Water Filling & Chemical Balancing 

Finally, the inground pool can be filled with water and we’ll ensure it’s chemically balanced.

Pool School

No jumping in just yet. One final inspection is needed to ensure safety. 

Our Pool Craft team will complete your final pool inspection, ensuring everything is perfect for your enjoyment. 

After your pool is complete, we also arrange for ‘Pool School’, which will teach you the ins and outs of pool ownership.

After Sales Service

The Pool Craft service department will contact you and arrange for a complimentary pool cleaning and water analysis approximately 1-2 weeks after the pool has been operational. 

The service department is equipped to handle your future pool needs such as openings, closings, weekly service, warranty-related items, and chemical testing.