As the season comes to an end, it is important that you begin to prepare for the closing of your pool.

How to Prepare

Balance the Water! It is important that your water chemistry is balanced upon closing the pool. We recommend that you bring a water sample here at Pool Craft to have it analyzed and balanced before closing.

Clean the Pool! The condition that you leave your pool will not improve over winter, we recommend that your pool be as clean and clear as possible upon closing to prevent any unwanted staining. Pool vacuuming is not including in the pool closing package. If you would like your pool vacuumed at the time of your closing, please notify us when you schedule your appointment.

Prepare your Winterizing Items! As you prepare for winter please make sure that you have all the required items to winterize your pool (plugs, cover, etc.) We kindly ask that you have all of your winterizing items left out for our closing crew the morning of your scheduled appointment.

Salt Cell and Cartridge Cleaning! these items, unless instructed otherwise, will be brought back to Pool Craft for cleaning. It is important that both of these items be cleaned every season. After the cleaning, cartridges and salt cells will be stored at Pool Craft and will be re-installed at the time of your pool opening. Please note additional charges do apply for cleaning of the salt cell and cartirdges.

Additional Charges 

Pool Vacuuming $65.00+HST
Salt cell cleaning $45.00+HST
Cartridge Cleaning $90.00+HST
Spa closing $150+HST

* Please Note: Pool Craft will be closed on September 7th for Labour Day. We will reopen for regular business hours on September 8th.