Natural Chemistry

At Pool Craft, we’ve partnered with Natural Chemistry, a company that’s committed to improving the quality of your pool water by removing phosphates using natural enzymes. 

What Impact Do Phosphates Have On My Pool?

Phosphates are a natural form of Phosphorus and are an essential building block for plant

growth, including algae. 

Phosphates not only contribute to poor water quality, but when combined with calcium ions, the result is an insoluble scale on the surfaces of pools and equipment called Calcium Phosphate Scale. 

This can cause salt generators to stop producing chlorine thus leading to other water clarity problems.

How Are Phosphates Introduced To My Pool Or Spa?

Some of the more common sources of phosphate contamination are:

Source Water

Many municipalities are now using varying forms of phosphate-based chelators in an effort to preserve the water main lines from corrosion. These added chemicals will increase phosphate levels.


Debris such as dust, pollen, dirt and leaves will contribute to phosphate levels in pool and spa water.


Both lawn and general agriculture fertilizers will increase phosphate levels. Living near a golf course, sod farm or agricultural farm will result in phosphates being introduced to your pool or spa.

Where Do Phosphates Come From?

The most common places phosphates come from municipal water. They can also be found dirt, dust, rain, and fertilizers. 

What Is An Acceptable Phosphate Level?

Keeping the phosphate levels below 200ppb should alleviate the negative effects of phosphates in pools. At levels above 1000 ppb, and in pools with an algae problem, phosphates can make a bad situation worse. They contribute to algae growth by feeding the algae, and, when the algae organism dies, it releases more phosphates into the water, feeding more new algae and creating an unhealthy cycle. 

How Can I Protect My Pool From Phosphates?

Weekly Maintenance for Pools With Phosphates

  • Skim regularly. Removing dead and decaying leaves and organic matter from a pool will remove one of the key sources of phosphates, and make your pool more attractive at the same time. 
  • Clean your filters. Like skimming, cleaning the pool filters removes organic matter and microorganisms that may be adding phosphates to your pool. 
  • Keep your pool balanced, and control your calcium levels. Calcium should be one of the values you regularly test and monitor when maintaining a pool. Calcium is a positive ion that bonds with phosphorus, a negative ion. 
  • Treat your pool at the start of the season with a phosphate remover to get the phosphates under control, and then find a weekly maintenance program that works for your pool. Every pool is different, so test for phosphates weekly, especially after a rainfall.

Pool Craft’s Full-Service GREEN PLATINUM Package 


Hassle-Free Opening Kit 

Our Hassle-Free opening kit gets rid of a lot of the initial phosphates, It’s designed for cold water, helps breakdown the organics + metal-free (which would sub COP OUT) removing the metal from your water, which can stain your liner


Phosfree removes the phosphates from your water. Phosphates exist in rainwater, environmental debris, tap water etc, and are a food source that contributes to the growth of plant life in your pool. By removing the food source, it becomes easier to maintain a clean and clear swimming pool. Hopefully, this means limiting the need to shock your pool, therefore lowering your chlorine use.


Pool Perfect Max 

This is the maintenance product used to keep the phosphates out of your water, remove excess bather waste such as lotions, sweat and oils, keep your filter clear, and your scum line at bay.

Scale Free

This protects against calcium & mineral scale build-up. Useful for pools with heaters, water features, salt cells, stonework, or concentrated metal content in the city water

Problem Solvers 

First Aid

First Aid  clears up cloudy water due to pollen (a BIG issue in 2021), oils, a big party that eats

up all your chlorine… One dose is included in the platinum package, for emergencies.

The benefits of including the Natural Chemistry line in your seasonal service include, but are not limited to:

  • Healthier, clearer water
  • Anticipated lower chlorine use
  • Prolonging the life of your equipment

Get Your Natural Chemistry Treatment Today 

Set yourself up for a low-maintenance, hassle-free pool season. 

Remove high levels of phosphates at the beginning of the season with Natural Chemistry’s Phosphate Free Extra Strength and maintain low levels throughout the season using a weekly addition of Natural Chemistry’s Pool Perfect Max.

Call Pool Craft today to sign up for our GREEN PLATINUM Package.

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