Installing a swimming pool is exciting!

It adds a whole ton of new options for hosting events and activities in your backyard, and can also be the centrepiece of a variety of outdoor features.

As you begin to think about the final look and feel that you desire for your backyard, it’s a good time to take the step beyond simply looking for a swimming pool and to start seeing your pool as part of a complete outdoor living space.

Here’s a rundown of the important things to have in mind as you launch your new project:

Plan traffic patterns and decide on a focal point

Your outdoor living space should be a cohesive and fully functional part of your property. The best way to make sure that you get the most out of the design is to plan for the experience. Building unwieldy walkways or approving a design that has no cohesion will be something that you come to regret later on. Work closely with your designer to make sure that the whole design supports the vision and function you have in mind for your backyard so you can get the most out of your investment!

Add a cozy fireplace

What better way to celebrate chilly evenings and to extend the usable hours of your outdoor living space than with a cozy outdoor firepit? This option serves as a functional benefit, giving you and your family the chance for grilling, as well as adding a distinct and warm aesthetic appeal to your backyard.

Make sure there is a variety of seating options

Variety is the spice of life! This holds true when you start planning the furniture for your outdoor living space. Loungers, wicker chairs and patio seating are all fair games as you consider how you can best use the space for relaxation. Incorporating myriad options for seating into the design will add interest and comfort to the final product.

Have a consistent colour and style for visual appeal

When designing an outdoor space, a consistent colour palette should be of interest throughout the project. Keeping the hues the same across the furniture, accents and other features give a defined and balanced look that feels and looks complete.

Make good use of your space

Depending on where you live, space may be at a premium. Owners of suburban houses with small lots might not even believe that it is possible to design and build a swimming pool and patio. With the help of an excellent designer, however, it’s possible to make good use of the available space. The goal is that there isn’t any wasted space or annoying inconveniences in the final design

An outdoor living space with a patio, outdoor firepit, couches and outdoor kitchen, designed and installed by Pool CraftCreate zones and kill the clutter

A strong design makes use of the space without creating clutter. Make sure that your final design differentiates between the purposes in various areas of your backyard by dividing them into zones. Overall, the design and style should be consistent, but there should definitely be a shift as you move from your patio to your outdoor kitchen to your cabana. This is an area where personalization can be a fun addition!

Use elements for a bit of privacy

Tired of nosy neighbours? Or are you simply looking for a way to make sure your private paradise is truly an escape from the outside world? An intelligent outdoor space design will make use of features to create separation, both visually and from the sound. Walls, greenery and other elements alike can help you get a true sense of stress-free privacy.

Consider textures

Choosing the materials for your project can be a demanding task. There are plenty of materials available that are suitable for the task, and it’s really a matter of building a coherent style. During this process, it’s a good idea to take texture into consideration. Texture has a very important role in design, helping to establish variety while also matching the other stylistic choices. Work closely together with your landscape designer to pick out landscaping rocks, cushions, patio stones, etc. that have textures that really support your project.


Last but not least, don’t forget the accents! Without these little details, your space will be lacking that extra … something. Whether it is a splash of colour, or the inclusion of a plant, or some creative signs, an accent will do wonders to completing the whole style and leaving you extremely satisfied with your new outdoor living space!

Looking to get your project started?

Get in touch with Pool Craft if you are looking for a reliable and proven builder who can transform your backyard into your dream outdoor living space! Over the years we’ve earned praise from many, many satisfied customers, and our team is ready to bring their talents to bear to bring your property to the next level.