Installing a swimming pool in your backyard is exciting. Soon your family and friends will have a place to play and relax, and you can really make the most of the summer months in your private paradise.

At the same time, it’s important to make sure that your swimming pool is built to integrate intelligently into your property, and that both short and long term maintenance plans are planned in detail.

In short, you need to know what you are getting from your builder. That’s why we’ve prepared these 10 simple but important questions to ask your pool contractor prior to beginning work on your project.

1. How much experience do you have?

It’s a good idea to quickly establish how much experience your pool builder has. Be mindful that experience doesn’t necessarily guarantee excellent quality, but it does suggest that your contractor is very familiar with the type of project they are about to get started with.

2. Can you show me examples of similar projects you have completed in the past?

Any pool company worth its salt should be able to share pictures from some of their previous projects. Take some time to become familiar with their body of work, since you can expect a similar quality of work in your backyard as well.

3. Is all the necessary work to complete this pool included in the contract?

Take the time to ask and make sure there are no surprises in the contract. It can be possible that due to a miscommunication you didn’t fully understand what services your pool contractor is delivering. There are many different components in a completed pool project, and you will want to verify that each detail is taken care of – so that you aren’t left with a half-finished swimming pool.

4. Will any work be subcontracted out?

As mentioned in the previous question, a swimming pool has many different components, including the various water and electrical systems that keep it operating smoothly. Finding out in advance if any of these different tasks will be subcontracted out gives you good oversight for the project, and allows you to ask any necessary questions about the subcontractors involved before you are committed to a contract.

A custom inground pool constructed by Pool Craft for a residential homeowner in Uxbridge

5. Do you offer maintenance training after installing the pool?

Some pool companies will show up, install the pool, then disappear, leaving you to figure out how to operate salt systems and learn proper maintenance practices for yourself. Ask your pool builder in advance if they have a trained expert who will guide you through the systems and help you learn how to use your new swimming pool. This simple step goes a long way to guaranteeing that you get the proper satisfaction and life out of your investment!

6. Do you have any references or testimonials from previous customers?

A company that delivers excellent services and stands by their work is likely to leave an abundance of satisfied customers in their wake. Hearing some of the thoughts and experiences that previous customers had with your pool builder can set the tone for what you should expect. Another option is to quickly research the company online on various websites where customers can leave reviews.

7. What is included in the warranty in my contract?

What happens if something breaks? It’s important to know who to call and what to expect. Ask if your pool contractor can take you through the warranty options so that you are up to speed how long your coverage lasts and what specifically is covered.

8. Will my pool be built to be energy efficient?

There are a wide variety of excellent products that reduce the demand on energy consumption for pools – some energy efficient products even pay for themselves over a season or two. It’s possible that your contractor has already incorporated these into your design. If you’re looking some clarification on if your pool will be green and that it won’t add a heavy burden on your energy usage, ask your pool builder to describe the various materials and technologies being used in the project.

9. How long do you expect the construction and installation to take?

Building a swimming pool requires heavy equipment and many hours of labour. Ask much time has been scheduled for the project so that you have the right set of expectations. Mismatched expectations can be a big point of stress for homeowner and contractor alike, so it’s always good to be on the same page.

By asking these 10 questions prior to having your new swimming pool built, you can rest easy through the construction process knowing that everything has been carefully thought out. Soon enough you’ll be swimming and relaxing in your very own outdoor pool. Good luck with your pool project!