It’s just about that time of year again! The snow is melting, the ice is disappearing. The sun is out … I repeat, the sun is out!

We all know that you’ve been itching to pull back the cover on your pool since last November. But when is the right time to take the first plunge into the cool and refreshing water of your backyard swimming pool? Are there any potential drawbacks to opening a pool too early or too late?

Here are some things to consider as you count the seconds to the start of pool season!

There’s No “Perfect” Time

For starters, there simply isn’t a “perfect” time to open your pool. There’s always going to be a little bit of uncertainty and guesswork involved.

Maybe a cold front will sweep through and keep everyone inside the house for the first couple of weeks – or maybe a hot spell will leave you sweating and wishing you had taken the time to get the pool open.

However, with that in mind, Here are some things you’re going to want to look for…

Melting Ice and Consistently Warm Weather

You must make sure all the ice on top of and below the cover has melted before your pool is opened. Opening a pool that still has ice floating in it can potentially cause damage to the pool. If there has been warm weather during both the day and the night for some time, it should be safe to open your pool.

Opening your pool early means that you must begin maintaining it, and if you don’t heat it, only the ones brave enough to jump in, will get any use out of it.

But don’t wait too long after the warm weather hits to get your pool open because…

Sunlight through a pool cover is ideal territory for algae

Yikes! You didn’t want to open the pool too early but now those hot afternoons have resulted in a thriving collection of algae in your pool.

Be aware that the longer you wait, the more algae is going to be there waiting for you when you pull the cover off. Even waiting for an extra day or two could be the difference in a couple of hours of work to get your pool clean and ready for use.

Another reason algae can thrive in the spring is because…

Springtime means it’s Pollen-time!

Ah, spring! Take in a deep breath of that fresh and warm breeze … then start sneezing because the air is full of pollen.

Depending on where you live, the accumulation of pollen can affect when you want to open your pool and the amount of cleaning you will be doing. You’re going to want to make sure you don’t let pollen sit in the pool for too long, as it will help the growth of algae and other bacteria. You can contact Pool Craft to come for a pool cleaning if the pollen hits your pool!

Call your Local Pool Contractors

Still not sure? When in doubt you can call up Pool Craft, your local pool contractor. They can give you the inside scoop on when to open your pool and all the right maintenance tips to help you get the most out of summer.

From weekly maintenance services to pool chemical delivery, we can help with keeping your pool in tip-top condition!

The interior of Pool Craft's store location, selling pool chemicals and other helpful materials