So, you want a pool… but you aren’t sure where to start. That’s okay! We’re here to help! 

Take a look below to discover how we can bring your pool dreams to life:

Step One: Pool Craft Consultation

The first part of our process begins with a scheduled meeting in either our presentation centre or on-site, at your residence. 

At this stage you will: 

  • View Landscape Trends
  • Browse Design Options
  • Discuss General Budget 
  • Discover The Pool Craft Difference

Step Two: Designing Your Pool

All projects start with a carefully planned design which will include the existing landscape, the natural conditions of your property, and the available space to create an optimal plan. 

Our team will:

  • Consider Variables & Preferences 
  • Create Blueprint & Design
  • Present Design 
  • Apply Feedback & Edits 
  • Provide Final Quote

Step Three: Pool Quote Presentation

Once the final design is completed, a meeting is set to present the quotation and discuss:

– Pool Options

– Landscaping

– Colours 

– Materials

Our quotes are very detailed and require a face-to-face meeting to ensure all aspects are explained and understood.

Step Four: Pool Permits

Once you approve of the quote, permit drawings will then be completed and the permit process will begin. Requirements differentiate based on the municipality, therefore the timeline may vary.

Step Five: Pool Material Selection

Our project manager and or designer will set a meeting to:

  • Review Landscape Choices
  • Confirm Selections

Step Six: Pool Build & Construction

Once permits have been approved and materials/profiles are selected, we are now ready to start the build/construction process:

  • Layout The Backyard 
  • Pool Dig & Pool Construction
  • Landscaping & Carpentry
  • Municipality Inspection
  • Pool Liner Install

Step Seven: Pool Craft Project Handoff

Your project is complete! Now it’s time to learn how to use and enjoy your pool. Pool Craft will arrange a pool tutorial (pool school) and teach you the ins and outs of pool ownership.

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