Call us biased, but we prefer H20 when it’s water instead of ice.

Thankfully, that time of year has shuffled around again and the promise of warm weather becomes a little more real with each passing day.

Now’s the time to start focusing on opening your swimming pool and, along with that, you’ll need a few tips on what to consider for spring cleaning so that your pool is ready for summer!

Pruning, landscaping and cleanup

Sometime during the long winter, those trees you have beside your pool might have grown their branches just a little further. Now they’re threatening to drop leaves, branches and who knows what else into your pool all summer long.

One of the first tasks you can do as soon as the snow melts is to grab your ladder and prune back those annoying branches. It might not be the most glamorous task, but the time you save in fishing debris out of your pool will be more than worth it.

Store the Pool Cover for next year

Your pool cover was the hero behind the scenes throughout the winter, keeping your water clean and your pool liner protected. Now a job well done deserves a long and quiet rest in the garage or pool shed.

Carefully sweep off and remove your pool cover. Give it a thorough cleaning and let it dry in sun. Once it’s ready, you can fold it and store it in a safe place where it won’t be damaged by weather or curious rodents.

A team folding and putting away a swimming pool cover

Replace and inspect your Pool Equipment

It would be nice if getting your pool running was as easy as pressing a button. Well, anything worth having takes a little bit of work, right?

First, you’ll need to remove any plugs that you added when winterizing your pool. Then you can put the skimmer basket back in place. If needed, you can also top up the pool at this time to replace the water lost over the winter.

Check the pool pump and filter for any damage they may have sustained over the winter before you replace the drain plugs. Start the filter motor, being careful to prime it with water first.

You may also use this time to change filter media and then do a complete check for leaks or excessive bubbles at the pool returns.

Cleaning out the swimming pool in the spring with a pool skimmer

Clean and treat the water

Now it’s time to break out the ole’ pool skimmer and vacuum so you can get rid of any leaves or debris lingering in your pool. Depending on the quality and effectiveness of your pool cover, this might be a quick task, but it’s a necessary one.

Check to make sure there aren’t any new stains on your pool liner and it would be a good idea to run the vacuum for some time as well to help remove hard to see particles.

Let the pool filter run for a full day before making any other significant adjustments to the water. If you’re still looking for things to do, this would be a good time to clean off your patio or deck, along with any other pool toys or equipment that could use some attention.

After 24 hours is up, use a pool opening kit to get your water back in prime condition. Make sure to measure chemical quantities based on the size of your pool. Let the chemicals from the opening kit work throughout your pool for another full day before testing the water. This will prevent you from wasting chemicals and time in getting a perfect balance.

It’s time for a swim!

Congratulations, your swimming pool is now open for business! Taking a bit of extra time with pool maintenance and not skipping out on the details will guarantee that your pool will stay healthy year round.

On the other hand, there’s an even easier way to get your pool into working condition — you can contact Pool Craft and use our pool opening and maintenance services.

Our service expert team can come to your house and make sure every last detail is taken care of so that you can get as much enjoyment out of your pool as possible.

Simply get in touch with us today to find out how Pool Craft can make this swimming season the best one yet!

A swimming pool ready for summer