It’s no secret that weekly pool maintenance is important for ensuring that your pool is always swim-ready, clear, and ultimately healthy for those using it all summer long. 

Don’t Want To Do It Yourself?

At Pool Craft, we have a weekly service department that specializes in weekly and bi-weekly professional pool care – taking the stress and pressure off of your family. 

Our well-trained staff can take the worry out of pool maintenance and ensure that your pool is clean, clear, and balanced every time we visit.

Summer Maintenance Plan

Discover our tips and insights on how to properly maintain your pool – allowing it to last longer and work stronger throughout pool season: 


A pool vacuum system allows you to scrub your pool and remove unwanted gunk – such as dirt and debris. This is important for achieving that crystal-clear look and limiting green colouring. 

Filter Check 

Proper pool filter maintenance depends on several factors, including the type of filter you have, the size of your pool, and how often your pool is used. 

Pool Craft experts can advise you on your best solution, allowing your pool to function without disruption. 

Chemical Treatment 

Balancing your swimming pool’s levels is essential to keeping swimmers free of irritation (eyes and skin), and metals and materials from breaking down. 

We suggest hiring our team to complete your chemical treatment and balancing processes, or, that you strictly follow the instructions provided to you – as this can be a challenging and potentially harmful process. 

Pool Craft can also provide a pool reading report for your records. 


Chlorine kills bacteria to keep you safe. Through the purchase of chlorine tabs or liquid, which can include algaecide, you can ensure your pool is rid of unwanted microorganisms.


“Shocking” your pool is the process of applying three to five times the normal amount of chlorine, creating a ready-to-go swimming environment quickly. 

Pool “Shock” can be purchased in granular or liquid form from our Pool Craft team. It is suggested to leverage this process if your pool is used often. 

Please follow the specific instructions provided to you. 


Algaecide helps to kill and prevent algae in your pool. The process of adding algaecide should be done weekly or biweekly.

Contact Pool Craft

Pool Craft offers a variety of services including openings and closings, weekly maintenance, pool leak detection, equipment replacements, liner replacement, and more. 

To ensure your beautiful pool remains sparkling clean between services, we suggest covering your pool before storms and watering dirt and debris away from your pool when washing the surrounding deck. 

Give us a call today to learn more!