Whether you’ve purchased a home with an older style pool, or your design tastes have evolved, renovating and updating an outdoor space doesn’t have to be a daunting task. 

There are simple options that can easily give your design a facelift, and there are more detailed options that can transform your current space. 

We’ve pooled together some of our hottest backyard and pool renovation tips to outline our top recommendations for updating your backyard pool. 

Pool Side

Shape Up!

If you’re working with an existing vinyl over steel pool, you can alter the shape.

We often work with clients who call us about their pools that were built back in the 80s and who now want a more modern shape. For example, we’ve transformed a number of ‘Roman’ style pools into rectangles. 

Updating Fiberglass Pool Stairs 

White steps were all the rage back in the day. In fact, they were the only option for a long time! 

By removing old fibreglass stairs that may be cracked or discoloured, you can give your pool the update you’re looking for.

Looking for something a bit more stylish? Adding a grey or blue fibreglass step can complement your liner colour, or coordinate with your stone coping. 

Steel Steps & Benches

A very popular option today is the addition of steel steps and benches. You can customize these to be anything you like. Whether you’re looking for a seamless entry, a sun ledge with bubblers, or a combination of the two, we can make just about anything these days out of steel.

Steel steps and benches can be added to both straight wall pools, and radius. You can extend a step outside of your pool by removing a wall, or add a wedding cake style step into your existing pool, very popular addition to radius pools. Send us a photo of your current pool and we’ll make some recommendations!

Replacing Pool Liner

Another simple fix for updating your pool is to replace your liner or paint or re-tile your concrete pool a different colour.

Liners with a tile-style border were very popular in the 90s and early 2000s, but today’s pool is primarily made up of full print patterns. Updating your liner will also change the appearance and colour of your water. Check out some of our favourite featured patterns on our Instagram page!

Adding Automation & Lights 

Finally, two of the easiest fixes to your old pool are to change your old lights for an updated LED light option and to consider pool automation. 

Rock a New Diving Board

For those looking to stay on a tighter pool renovation budget, we suggest swapping out your old diving board for a diving rock. Note: this is recommended for pool with a bottom profile approved for diving boards. You may also want to explore options for a water feature.

Note: Make sure your pump can handle the additional draw. If not, you will need to budget for a new pump as well.

Check out our blog ‘Things To Consider When Designing The Perfect Pool’ for more insights on creating your dream pool. 

Exploring Landscaping Upgrades

Changing older cracked concrete pool decks with pavers or natural stone can shave 30 years off your pool. Whether your preference is pre-cast stone pavers, or natural flagstone, the result is stunning.

If stone isn’t in the budget, consider a new concrete deck. Stamped concrete has come a long way! You can update your pool perimeter with a more modern pattern and palette.

Check out our blog ‘Things To Consider When Designing The Perfect Landscaping’ for more ideas on updating your backyard. 

Levelling Up With Custom Carpentry

When it comes to carpentry, adding a custom outdoor living space to your backyard can change everything! If you’re working with a healthy budget, treat your woodworking elements like an extension of your home.

No space for an additional structure? How about adding a pizza oven with a built-in kitchenette? Bring the cooking outside so you never miss a beat! 

For more ideas, check out our blog on ‘Things To Consider When Designing The Perfect Outdoor Living Space’.