Whether it’s opening your pool in the spring or closing it down in the fall, Pool Craft will provide you with a professional and quality service.

This article will help clarify the pool closing procedure and what additional services you may be interested in at the time of closing this fall.

1. Schedule Your Pool Closing

You can do this either by email, service@poolcraft.ca, or by calling the office. Please note that we do not give appointment times. Every closing is unique and will take a different amount of time to complete. Some jobs can take much longer than others.

It is not necessary for customers to be home at the time of pool closing. Our closing crews have a very busy schedule during our closing period and are not able to teach you how to close a pool.

When booking the closing, please let us know what extra services you would like, e.g. pool vacuuming, salt cell and/or cartridge cleaning, etc. which are explained later in this article.

In addition, please have a credit card available and we will process your closing upon completion.

2. Pool Water Testing

One week before the scheduled closing we highly recommend you have your pool water analyzed. It is very important that all of your levels are balanced before shutting the pool down for the season to avoid any issues at the time of opening.

3. Pool Cleaning Before Closing 

Please note that we do not include pool vacuuming as part of our pool closing package. We recommend that the pool should be as clean and clear as possible before it is closed. Have your pool cleaned a day or two before the closing date. 

You can book us to clean your pool at the time of closing for an extra charge ($75.00) + HST. for a standard vac (30 mins)

The condition in which you close your pool will not improve over the winter, this is why we recommend cleaning the pool prior to your closing date, to prevent any unwanted staining.

4. Winterizing Your Pool

When it comes to winterizing items, please ensure all items/parts are left out for our closing crews the morning of your scheduled closing.

Other Pool Closing Services

For those of you with salt systems and/or cartridge filters we offer a cleaning service for these items. The cost for those are as follows. 

Salt cell cleaning is $45.00 + HST. 

Cartridge cleaning is $150.00 + HST.

** It is important when booking your closing that you let us know if you DO NOT want us to take your salt cell and/or cartridge filters. If this is not specified these items will be taken by our crew and you will be charged accordingly. **

For those of you that would like us to take these items for cleaning, they are brought back to our shop, cleaned, and stored over the winter. 

The salt cells and cartridges will be re-installed at time of opening, or we will make arrangements to deliver them to you prior to your pool opening date.

If we are not opening the pool for you in the spring, please contact the store to make arrangements to have your cell and/or cartridges picked up once they have been cleaned. 

Cartridge filters will be inspected before cleaning and depending and the age and condition of them it may be recommended that the filters be replaced rather than cleaned. 

You will be contacted by our office if this applies to you and given a price for replacement cartridges.

If you decide not to follow our recommendation, we cannot be responsible for filtration issues in the spring and any service call required to deal with the defective filters will be billed accordingly.

The Pool Craft Difference 

1. We will contact you by phone or email a day or two prior to your pool closing as a reminder. We will leave instructions as to what we will need, such as leaving gates unlocked, having your pool cleaned and balanced, access to a garden hose, and running water.

2. Upon completion of closing, you will be emailed a “Closing Check List” You will get a copy and the office will receive a copy. This checklist will give a brief summary of what was done. 

On the checklist, you will find a “notes” section. If any problems arise, the crew will write what the issue was, and the office will contact you, to make arrangements to correct the issue, if needed.

3. As stated above, salt cells and cartridges, unless instructed otherwise, will be brought back to Pool Craft for cleaning. These items need to be cleaned every season so we recommend you allow us to provide this service for you. After cleaning, cartridges and salt cells will be stored at Pool Craft and we will re-install them at the time of your pool opening.

Book Your Pool Closing Now 

Book your pool closing today by calling  (905) 884-2720 or by email service@poolcraft.ca

Thank you for your business and we look forward to another great season next year!