We’ve put together a selection of our favorite pool gift ideas, from casual to luxurious. There’s something for everyone dreaming of their big pool re-opening in 2021.

Personalized Pool Picks

A personalized gift like a decor piece for the cabana, or some embroidered towels is perfect for those who like to have something to stand out from the crowd. 

With the array of small and home-based craft businesses popping up, you’re sure to find something unique while supporting local. 

Waterproof Pool Tech

For the music lover on your list, why not give the gift of sound with a waterproof outdoor speaker. The power of these little devices really packs a punch, and there won’t be any worry about that new phone taking an unwanted dip. 

TechRadar has a lowdown of the best outdoor speakers for all budgets.

Fun & Games In The Pool

We know avocados aren’t everyone’s thing, but this super-fun avocado floaty could change their minds! 

If you’re still not converted, there are so many types of waterproof and floating games on the market.

Have you seen the floating golf greens? How about the floating coolers for mum’s margarita?!

Practical Pool Gifts

For the practical pool-owner on your list, think unbreakable outdoor tableware, pool cleaning kits and accessories, or chlorine-removing hair products. 

While these might not be the most exciting gifts to give, they’re definitely useful and one less thing for your loved one to think about come springtime.

Cool & Quirky Pool Ideas

Looking for something super unique? We love the suggestions from the guys at Awesome Stuff 365.

Be sure to check out their floating projection fish pool light, which is a terrific addition to a summer evening pool party. 

Browse their complete awesome pool gifts guide for more off-the-wall inspiration.

Happy Shopping!